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The National Recruitment agents
From:HUAN WANG   Uptime:2014-3-3

Zhejiang Gaoqiao Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is an industrial product R & D and production of professional manufacturers; the main products have LED lights, buttons, buzzer, PG waterproof joint, contactor and LED components and other series, it is widely applied in the control cabinet, power distribution cabinet, instrument cabinets and various console; manufacturing company in product the design has accumulated rich experience, in addition to the product type and technical parameters provided by the company, design and manufacture according to customer needs, meet customer requirements in many aspects. For development needs, the company is now facing the National Recruitment agents, the agents and the telephone area.

Heping District of Shenyang agent contact: 13804044917, Suzhou Huqiu district attorney contact: 13806137986, Chancheng District, Foshan agent contact: 13927276756, Shunde District, Foshan agent contact: 13824508777, Shenzhen Baoan District agent contact method: 13631611135, contact Foshan City Lun Jiao section: 13824537777.

Recruitment agents in other areas of the country!

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